Let’s say thanks too the creator who created us.

04 Apr

We were made of hundreds of millions of many different types of atoms. Those atoms were created by the death of many stars. (Hah! You thought I converted. 😉 ) All the elements we know of today were created by the death of huge stars. When huge stars die like red giants. They die a violent death. When you go to your kitchen and cook with an iron skillet. You are holding an item that kills stars. Stars work by producing fusion. Fusion works by combining hydrogen in which turns into helium. In big stars, the helium will turn into other heavy elements until it reaches too the element of Iron. When Iron is produced under a second the star explodes into a super nova. The super nova pushes all the elements into space. Also for a few seconds after the explosion. Some of the iron turns into heavier elements like gold and lithium. This is why elements like gold is rare.

When you look at your body. Look at your left and right arms. Think of this. Your left arm is made of the atoms of one dead star and the right arm is made of another dead star. Without the death of stars we will not be here. There is no loop hole to get out of that idea. Thank you stars for your deaths help create our wonderful solar system and the life that was created from it.

“We are made of star stuff.” ~ Carl Sagan

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