Does the Bible Matter In the 21 Century?

15 Apr

There was a recent opinion article by an Indian author claiming the Bible is the foot that hold America up. Well he is wrong and I have five good reasons.

Here is his option article:
Does the Bible Matter In The 21 Century?
by Vishal Mangalwadi

The answer to his question is no.

1. The Bible had no influence creating our Republic and there is no evidence proving so. Another mark against the author. Rejecting the Bible did not create Nazi Germany. Hitler was a Catholic and Nazi Germany used the local Lutheranism and Catholicism as an tool for the Nazi Party.

2. The reason why Plato rejected Democracy. He believed an Direct Democracy will lead to mob rule. Also believe and an idea of an Republican idea like Rome. This is why we used the Roman government system instead of the Athenian Democracy. He supported “Philosopher Kings.” America had an Philosopher king and he was Thomas Jefferson.

You should read Plato’s Republic. It’s FREE!
Plato’s Republic
3. Secularism DOES not make an entitlement culture. Many things created the entitlement culture like the ideals of Socialism during the 1860s. The Secularism that was part of America came from the Enlightenment age.

Age of Enlightenment

4. “Not just Islamic, but every culture that rejects the kingdom of God condemns itself to be ruled exclusively by sinful men.l”

So Europe is ruled by sinful men? How about Hindu, Buddhist, Shinto, Taoism cultures? Are they all sinful? I am an Buddhist who supports a secular state. Am I an sinful person?

5. “Almost everyone desires a happy marriage, but without the Bible, America cannot even define, let alone sustain marriage as one man–one woman, exclusive, and life-long relationship. The West became great because biblical monogamy harnessed sexual energy to build strong families, women, children, and men.”

One of the biggest lies on Earth. I described more here:

“Traditional Marriage” Falsehood

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