National Day of Prayer

05 May

While most Americans will be celebrating an Mexican holiday at the local bar. Many Americans celebrated another special day. Thousands or Millions of Americans joined up with the “National Day of Prayer.” This day is bad for America for a good reason. Why you may ask. It’s an official day endorsed by congress and passed by law to endorse the Christian religion.


The current form of the National Day of Prayer started back in the 1950s when Eisenhower was president. Congress passed a bill (36 U.S.C. § 119) forcing the President to set a date for Americans to celebrate the National Day of Prayer.  Also during the 1950s, many laws were passed trying to lessen the secular government to counter the Communist who had an atheist government.

During the 1980s, there was some major changes to the National Day of Prayer. A National Prayer Committee was formed to help crate evangelical  Christian prayer events with local, state, and federal entities. In the late 80, Congress updated the law to have it on the first Thursday of May.

Christian Biases

The supporters clam that the National Day of Prayer is not trying to push Christian views into government and yet they are very open that they are a Christian group.

If you go too there official site.   They admit they support Judeo-Christian values. Their leadership is majority all evangelical Christians from Mrs Shirley Dobson (James Dobson’s wife. James was the founder of the Christian group “Focus on the Family”.) and all the way too Dr. Billy Gram.  There are no none-Christians on the board, chair, advisory groups. Source

The National Prayer Committee admit they ARE a Christian organization. Their mission statements includes pushing Christ as part of the national day of prayer. Oh of course all the board members are evangelical Christians.

Respect of the Law

There has to be some serious changes too this law. The first thing to do is to kill this law. It clearly violates the 1st amendment by forcing the president to endorse a religious activity. The supporters will say that the law is legal because it doesn’t force the people to do anything. Yet, what if I was President? I don’t believe in god and prayer. Why should I forced to do something that I do not believe in?

Just like the intelligent design idea went through America during the Bush years. This is just another attempt trying to push religion (mainly the Christian religion) into our government. Out Constitution clearly states that the government can not endorse a religion. Prayer IS a religious practice and is a clear violation.


How could we change this for the better and support every American? Instead of a day of prayer. Congress should create a day to celebrate our freedom of religion. Where any American theist, non-theist, atheist, and etc to celebrate this great law that gives the right to believe anything we want and not to believe. Citizens can do anything they want to celebrate it like prayer, having a party, or even doing nothing.

If for some reason we can’t kill this law. The leadership of the national day of prayer should have members of other religions.  Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus and etc should have more say into our national day of prayer, so everyone can have a saw on how this is run. America is a nation of many faiths and no faiths and not an America of one type of faith.

How to Help?

If you want to help end this law you should support these groups:

Secular Coalition of America & Freedom From Religion Foundation


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2 responses to “National Day of Prayer

  1. snuffy38

    May 6, 2011 at 2:10 AM

    Go ahead and celebrate prayer any way you want, any day you want. No one’s stopping you. It’s called freedom of religion, that’s what America supports, including Christians. I’m sure if you make enough noise about it you could bring about a fairly large organized effort for National Celebrate Whatever the F You Want, Especially if it Ain’t Christian Day. One thing’s for sure: prayer is not harmful. Claiming that a National Day of Prayer is harmful to the country is ridiculous and un-American. I understand that you’d like to see reps of other faiths on the board, but you know what? Your bitterness toward Christianity is not going to help your cause at all.

  2. bab5crusade

    May 6, 2011 at 4:01 PM

    I just oppose any thing that mixes religion and government together.

    What is prayer?

    1. A solemn request for help or expression of thanks addressed to God or an object of worship.
    2. A religious service, esp. a regular one, at which people gather in order to pray together.

    It’s an religious tradition of most religions. Yet we have a bill stating that the President has to propose a date for this National Day of Prayer.

    I am a secularist first and a religious man second when I deal with government. I oppose any religious organization who tries to influence government to support them.

    “Nothing could be more dangerous to the existence of this Republic than to introduce religion into politics” – Robert G Ingersoll


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