Well this is the biggest thing I am getting into.

07 Sep


As a Boy Scout for more than ten years I enjoyed and loved the experiences I had with them. I want to share to the same experiences as well to my future son(s) when I ever have kids. Yet, I can not because that organization bans homosexuals and non-believers in scouting. Until the BSA changes their policy on gays and non-believers. My family will not support the BSA.

There are thousands of atheist scouts now in the closet because they love scouting. Why do they have to do that? They need to be open. This policy hurts boys than what the organization thinks.

I set up a Facebook community page to promote the ideal of Atheist Scouting. Also ex-scouts can show their experiences of scouting. I have some ideas in mind on how to expand it. Like letter campaigns and the like.

I really hope you all support me in this endeavor.

Atheist Scouting

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Posted by on September 7, 2011 in Ethics & Morality, Religion


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