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04 Oct

Why should I believe that a deity has control in our lives that it must cause suffering?

If someone dies and believe that it was done by a reason of which we don’t know is a fallacy.  Death is a common on this planet and it part of nature. There is no plan set for our lives. Our lives are short. It’s better to do as much as you can before our lives end.

Why do people do bad things in the name of God?

One of the main reasons why I don’t like religion is due to all the suffering it caused. The many wars it supported, the genocide in the name of their gods, and to control people. The Pope uses his “granted” authority under their version of god to control the lives of billions of people who lead to war, genocide, and spread of HIV in Africa due to their ban of protection devices.  Usama Bin Laden believe he leading a war against the enemies of his god and terrorism is a necessary force to protect his version of god. Branch Davidians believed that David Koresh is the final prophet of god and they need to fight and die against anti-Christ US government.

Why do they do these things? It’s called faith. Faith is believing without evidence. Their faith is powerful that they will do anything to support their imaginary friend even if it causes suffering to many people and who maybe innocent as well. Because of this support of the ideals of faith. Millions of people have died fighting each over for who has the better imaginary friend.

What does this have to do with me?

Religion itself is one of the big reasons why I don’t believe in a god and religion in general. Religion is one of the most disruptive forces on the planet. I seen, hear, and watch people fight and die over who has the better god. It has brought genocide on this planet by condoning it their holy books.  A good example is the Jewish conquests of Judea. Their god commanded to kill all their enemies (including women and children) and livestock. Today, Jewish and Christian apologetic condone the mass genocide of people because in their holy book said that the enemies were wicked and the Jews needed the land and we can’t judge god because it’s not our duty to judge his morality. I can call bullshit on that and say we can just god’s morality in the bible. There is no excuse on this Earth to support genocide.

Religion can blind people from reason. There are millions of Americans who believe the Earth is only 6,000 years old and the end times is coming. They deny facts because those facts goes against what they believe. I can give my creationist friends TONS of evidence supporting my ideal, but chose to be blinded because of their faith. A 2,000 year old book says it’s true is not always true.

We live in a universe that is SO BIG that we are just a speck of a speck of a speck and so on. There is a possibly that there are BILLIONS of Earth like planets in this universe and some of them may contain intelligent life. Why would a god pick this one speck of a planet and one very very small speck of a tribe to be its chosen people where in that time there are hundreds of civilizations to choose. The chances are that tribe created their god to prove themselves that they are powerful than anyone else. Gotta love propaganda.

God is just damn to small compared what is in our universe.

Just like the artist in this video. I will spend my time slowing pounding the tree that is religion and hopefully those people who cling to it’s branches will fall to the ground that is reason.

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Posted by on October 4, 2011 in Ethics & Morality, Religion


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