When they really don’t want a response.

19 Oct

A facebook user sent me this video. (WARNING: IT MAY LOWER YOUR INTELLIGENCE)

The user wanted a reply.  Here is my reply:

I’ve noticed that the uploader has disabled comments on the video. That is a sign that he or she does not want to debate this video.

1. “The same force that gives objects weight also keep us on the ground. The same force that makes apples fall also holds the stars together. Without gravity, we wouldn’t be able to study the universe or live in it. Gravity is obviously evidence that the universe has been designed by a god.”

Gravity is not evidence of a god. Gravity is evidence of physics. It’s the curvature of the time and space which holds the solar system together. Did you now that gravity is the weakest force in the universe and galaxies can be still be torn apart even with gravity trying to hold together. Cosmologist has come up with Dark Matter which makes up almost 1/3 of the stuff in the universe. It’s Dark Matter and it’s gravity that holds the universe. Also there could be a chance that there is another universe without gravity with the multiverse hypotheses.

2. A quote from Isaac Newton still does not prove that a god. Yes, Newton was a very religious guy, but also note. His original mathematics only explained how things moved and not why it works. The explanation why is solved by Albert Einstein with theory of relativity.

3. The rainbow idea is laughable. What we see is the light spectrum. It’s a wavelength with different areas of frequencies. There is more than seven colors. Our eyes can only see only 7. There is also Unsaturated colors which we can only see by mixing wavelengths.

4. The dimensions idea is still not a fact. We have no testable evidence of dimensions. The mathematics says it could happen, but these mathematics have yet to be proven.

5. Fossilization is extremely rare, but we have TONS of evidence of evolution. Lucy and Ardi are early hominid who are closely related to us.

6. Of course there are no fossils of chimps turning into humans because they are a cousin. We just share a common ancestor with them. We are related to them, but not a direct line.

7. Bible can not 100% accurate. Why? There are tons of mistakes like bats are considered birds. There is no evidence of a world-wide flood, but there are many local floods that happen over the billions of years. Bible claims that there are birds and insects that walk on four legs. The very absurd thing that the bible claims that the cure for leprosy involves incantations and the blood of a bird.

Did you know that there was a talking ass as well?

The Bible may have some events and locations that are true, but claiming the book is 100% accurate is false.

What else? There is no evidence of Jesus outside the Bible. Does that make the idea the Jesus is fiction true? No. Jesus could be a real man, but the ideas of miracles were created out of legend. Like the so-called miracle of Joseph Smith and even the Buddha.

Does my evidence disprove a god? No, but it lessens the evidence that a deity is needed to create the universe. If you want to show evidence, you better give me better evidence than that video showed me.

What is the response I get?

The evidence you are looking for is faith! That will come for you in time. There is plenty of evidence that the Bible is true. You have chosen to see only what you would like to be true! I love the story of the talking ass. GOD shows us He can use anything as He wishes and has total control!

How can you have a logical debate with someone who doesn’t really want a reply from you? I still wonder why I even try to debate to these type of people?


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2 responses to “When they really don’t want a response.

  1. Psilomelane

    October 28, 2011 at 10:23 PM

    I could only make it halfway thru the video before becoming fed up with its nonsense. I’ve found over all these years that it’s almost always futile attempting to carry on a debate based on logic and reason, with someone devoutly religious. They always have the ultimate, last ditch argument to fall back upon: “The lord works in mysterious ways, and sometimes you just have to have FAITH!”

    Most humans so desperately want the simplicity and control of religion. Look at Tunisia; they were the first country of the “Arab Spring” to finally throw off the chains of political dictatorship, and what do they do? Elect an “islamist” government to take its place. I doubt humans will ever fully evolve out of the need for religion — at least, not before destroying ourselves.

    • bab5crusade

      October 28, 2011 at 10:40 PM

      I agree with you too. Humans will always have some sort of superstition in our lives. It’s our brain trying to explain the unexplained. Whenever it’s 100 years or a 1,000 years. We will be still battling these people.


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