Apologist have it wrong again.

28 Oct

Apologist have it wrong again.
A critical piece about Jim Spiegel’s “Unreasonble Doubt”

The apologist Jim Spiegel wrote a recent article claiming what are the reasons why people are atheists. He starts the traditional apologetic response that there must be a god because there had to be a reason something must come from nothing and atheists don’t believe in god because they a biased and don’t want a god. That is not the reason why he wrote this piece. Jim claims that atheists are not rational as we claim we are. We have a non-rational claim why we don’t believe in their deities.

 Jim states that atheists repress the truth of god because we had troubled lives because of wickedness. It is that wickedness that suppresses the truth of god. Jim quotes from Romans as evidence that there is a god. The good old the Bible said so argument. He claimed that atheists don’t want change in their life because we don’t want to be “genuinely religious person.” He source is the Philosopher Mortimer J. Adler. The writer claims that Alder has not be religious most of his life. Well if he has done the research. Mr. Adler has been a supporter of theism most of his life. Around his twenties Mr Alder read a works of St. Thomas Aquinas and became a supporter of Thomism. From there he because a supporter of Catholicism and officially baptized Catholic in his eighties. He also points that since we are designed from god. We all have “sensus divinitatis,” a sense of the divine from god. The reason why Atheists are denying “senus divinitatis” is due to sin.

 The last part of this article, I believe is the low point of the article, talks about family troubles. Yes, he believes that most of the great atheist philosopher’s of the past were because who they were because. They had a mostly fatherless lives.

 It is not sin, hatred, or being fatherless that leads us to atheism. It’s what you called the lack of evidence and the logical fallacies of theism. For me for example, I don’t support the idea of a god due to the lack of scientific evidence of it and most of my life I love learning about science. I was taught not to believe without proof and good evidence to support the claims. Well a deity in this world clearly lacks these evidence. He can’t test or peer-review a deity, so we can not support the idea of a god.

 Also lets look at the philosophy ideals of it. The major thing that led my away from Christianity is the ideals of “suffering.” Why would a good and loving god let evil on this world? Why does god let one person live after a natural disaster while the rest of his or her village is gone? The only answer that apologists can tell me that “suffering” is the result of sin from Adam and Eve event in the Bible and we are unable to understand to know god’s reasons. Well if we are made in god’s image and made us smart. Why did god have to make us stupid to know god’s reasons. It does not make sense.

Lets go back to the article. Jim Spiegle uses baseless claims on most of his ideals in the paper. Atheists don’t care what the Bible tells. He had bad research or lied about Mortimer’s religious ideals. The ideal that atheists became who they are because they were fatherless is a fallacy due to the fact I meet and read about many theists who had bad or no relationships with their fathers and still Christians. Mr. Spiegel needs to stop writing or talking about who and what atheists are until he actually knows where we are coming from.


One response to “Apologist have it wrong again.

  1. rightlyknightly

    October 28, 2011 at 3:13 PM

    Like your article. I was brought up religious and eventually became allergic to it. The sad thing is you’re trying a rational response to those who won’t speak rationally. I’ve found it best to totally disengage when they start mental-speak.

    The bible itself is a self-approving document. I’ve written a book. Should I say my science fiction ramblings are truth just to get a religion going? It’s worked before (Scientology)…

    Afterall my commentary on your wonderful article though – I’m agnostic and happy.


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