Ask an Atheist Day!!

Yesterday, was Ask an Atheist Day. I told everyone on a Buddhist message board to summit their questions and here are my answers.

Where does consciousness come from?

Consciousness is a very complicated concept that most people will have an hard time to agree. Personally, I believe consciousness starts when you are born and your brain starts accepting all this information. When you die or have brain damage. The date can be damaged or gone like a computer hard drive. This is why I believe when you and I die. We are just GONE. POOF! NOTHING!

Why are atheists often so defensive?

This is mainly due to our backgrounds. We lived in a mostly theistic world. For example, the United States is an Christian state due to population. We do have the “Establishment Clause” to prevent state and religion mixing, but in some parts in our government we get into a Grey area. For example the US government endorses deism due to “In God We Trust.”

In America, we are considered lest trustworthy than RAPISTS. Yep, abortion bombers, Muslims, and rapists are most trust worthy than me.

This is due to American culture from the red scare and Christianity adapting it self to the modern world. The communists were supporters of state Atheism, so during the Red Scares the US government made it a policy to endorse an god. In Christianity, it developed from a hateful god to a loving god where people who love god as good people and the people who don’t like or believe in god as evil people.

When atheist groups like “American Atheists” & “Freedom from Religion Foundation” go after cities, states, and the federal government for violating the Establishment clause. We are viewed as anti-religious bigots trying to remove god. We get attacked, death threats, or lively-hood destroyed for defending ourselves and the majority of theists would happy to see Atheists gone. We are trying to uphold the US Constitution and try to have the Untied States to keep it’s secularism.

Why do atheists tend to me more fervent than evangelicals?

We are tired of being told to “Sit Down and Shut up.” for a long time. How do you like being told that your an unmoral human being and your deserve eternal torture. You can’t do anything about it because you are an minority. A lot of atheists lose friends, family, and jobs due to being an atheist. We are telling the world (Well mostly America.) we are Atheists and were not going anywhere.

What do you call a Buddhist who doesn’t believe in a God?

An Buddhist Atheist!!

What do you call a Buddhist who does believe in God?

Buddhist Theist

As an atheist how can you tell right from wrong?

The same reason why an Christian, Animalist, Druids, Hindus, and etc can tell right from wrong. It is society who thinks right and wrong. Also a bit of evolution in human development that help us to tell right and wrong. Since Murder and steal from each other doesn’t help us survive when we were in small social clans. We humans are an social animals. We love groups. We went from small family clans to big clans full of millions of people.

As an atheist what’s your purpose in life?

To lead a good, happy, and compassionate short life.

as an atheist what’s your excuse for being?

Should there be an excuse for being? That is the wrong question to ask. There is nothing wrong for being.

As an atheist do you have all the answers?

As an atheist where will you find any answers at all?

For some, but not all answers. Religion is has not filled any of my answers.

Why label yourself as an atheist?

For the same reason you may call yourself Buddhist. Also in America, it’s better for more people to admit and come out of the closet and be an atheist. Maybe our stigma will go away.

What’s the best way to make Baked Alaska?
I don’t know. I never made a “Baked Alaska.”

Do you agree the difference between “atheist” and “a theist” is not bigger than one space?

That space is pretty big in the quantum world.

Why do some Atheists make fun of people for believing in God?

Since sometimes, theists are so into their religion. They will ignore all facts. When I debate Christians I feel like I chatting to a brink wall. For example, on facebook a Christian told me that “my parents never knew her god.” and yet I told her that my parents are Christians who believe in the same god and is she suggesting that my parents are not true Christians. She keeps ignoring my question and kept on saying that I must accept Christ as my savior to get my answer. I dug in and told her to answer my question and I still get the same response: “Just need FAITH! Jesus loves you and you know it.”

Sometimes making fun of people is a reactionary tactic to get their attention on how silly their reasoning is since they will or can not debate us.

Especially when their belief in God helps them live their life?

I have no problem if they think that way. If they do trying push their religion onto me or through government. I do have an issue. If they are an young Earth creationist. Yes, it good to call them out even by making fun of them to show how silly their views is and even damaging it is to society.

He stole stuff, treated people like crap,etc. Then he got sent to jail and when he was in jail, he was “born again” and found Jesus and god. After that, he stopped stealing stuff, stopped treating people like crap. He became a nice guy. What’s wrong with that?

Have no issue like that, but there are some people like for example General Butt Naked (Joshua Milton Blahyi). A warlord in Africa who killed thousands of people, sent children to slavery, and admitted to sacrifice children by taking their still beating heart before every battle. Years later he convert to Christianity and the evangelical community calls him an hero and a good person now.

Really, I do have an issue like that. A evil mass murder can get an accepted, but an good atheist is not accepted.

Was Jesus Divine, or just a prophet and healer?

There is still a debate, but I believe there was a radical rabbi who may or not be called Jesus who called himself a prophet of the Jews and the Romans killed him. That his story of the current form of Jesus came out of legend and exaggeration.

Did he survive the Crucifixion, and if so, where did he go afterward?

I believe he did died and never survived.

When does the next season of Doctor Who start? And what is the question???

This fall and did you forget the last episode. The question is: Doctor Who?


À la volonté du peuple

For the past four years. We have been hearing the people sing. The Tea Party sung on the size of government. The Arab Spring sung with peaceful and violent revolutions to remove dictators. The Occupy Movement sung about the out cry of mixing corporations and government and the divide on the rich and poor. A new song is being heard for the rights of gays. Lets hope this song will spread and sung by all people.

What will come out with all this signing? Change. What will cause this change? Revolution. The world is on the brink of global revolution. Do we know will this revolution bring? Will it bring freedom or tyranny? Will it bring it equality or separation? Will the song be about peaceful or violent revolution?

No matter what happens. The people will always sing.

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A Letter to the Editor Which I HAD to respond to.

On December 3rd, my local newspaper had an interesting letter to the editor.

You can read it here:

Darwin make case for a ‘plan’

The craziness of his letter  compelled me to respond. I wished me they let me use more than 350 words. 😦

On December 3rd’s Soapbox, there was a letter to the editor about Darwin’s case for a “plan.” I would like to inform this guy that he is seriously wrong and cherry picking the worst quotes. Darwin has never made a case of the creator. Creationists love to cherry pick words from Darwin’s book in order to spin them around. I could make this a long essay, but I have a limit on how many words I can use. I will first use the example of the development of the eye. Creationists and IDers believe the eye is too complex for natural selection to create.

Darwin quotes: “I suppose that the eye … could have been formed by natural selection, seems, I freely confess, absurd in the highest degree.”

He clearly sounds like he was supporting a creator. Yet if you continue reading:

“When it was first said that the sun stood still and the world turned round, the common sense of mankind declared the doctrine false; but the old saying of Vox populi, vox Dei, as every philosopher knows, cannot be trusted in science. Reason tells me, that if numerous gradations from a simple and imperfect eye to one complex and perfect can be shown to exist, each grade being useful to its possessor, as is certainly the case; if further, the eye ever varies and the variations be inherited, as is likewise certainly the case and if such variations should be useful to any animal under changing conditions of life, then the difficulty of believing that a perfect and complex eye could be formed by natural selection, though insuperable by our imagination, should not be considered as subversive of the theory.”

See Darwin never made a case for a creator in his works.

I really hope this letter goes through. It’s been ages since I’ve been int he newspaper. Also I want to show the world that Skagit County has intelligent people living here who read and understands evolution.

I would like to thank r/atheism for suggesting this closer for my letter, but it would have been too big to be allowed. So here is the quote I wished I used at the end.

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Symphony of Science’s “Children of Africa”

This is one of my favorite songs from the Symphony of Science series. This music video has remind me how great we are as a species. We came from a common ancestor with our ape cousins living in trees in lush forests to living in create cities and exploring outside our own planet. It showed to remind me how religion basically tells us humans that we are not special. That we needed a deity to become what we are. We never need a deity to become who we are. We achieved greatness because some deity command us nor developed us because WE did it. We did it our selves over time. For animal species who used to live in trees to achieve space age technology with in 2.3 million years is amazing.

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Apologist have it wrong again.

Apologist have it wrong again.
A critical piece about Jim Spiegel’s “Unreasonble Doubt”

The apologist Jim Spiegel wrote a recent article claiming what are the reasons why people are atheists. He starts the traditional apologetic response that there must be a god because there had to be a reason something must come from nothing and atheists don’t believe in god because they a biased and don’t want a god. That is not the reason why he wrote this piece. Jim claims that atheists are not rational as we claim we are. We have a non-rational claim why we don’t believe in their deities.

 Jim states that atheists repress the truth of god because we had troubled lives because of wickedness. It is that wickedness that suppresses the truth of god. Jim quotes from Romans as evidence that there is a god. The good old the Bible said so argument. He claimed that atheists don’t want change in their life because we don’t want to be “genuinely religious person.” He source is the Philosopher Mortimer J. Adler. The writer claims that Alder has not be religious most of his life. Well if he has done the research. Mr. Adler has been a supporter of theism most of his life. Around his twenties Mr Alder read a works of St. Thomas Aquinas and became a supporter of Thomism. From there he because a supporter of Catholicism and officially baptized Catholic in his eighties. He also points that since we are designed from god. We all have “sensus divinitatis,” a sense of the divine from god. The reason why Atheists are denying “senus divinitatis” is due to sin.

 The last part of this article, I believe is the low point of the article, talks about family troubles. Yes, he believes that most of the great atheist philosopher’s of the past were because who they were because. They had a mostly fatherless lives.

 It is not sin, hatred, or being fatherless that leads us to atheism. It’s what you called the lack of evidence and the logical fallacies of theism. For me for example, I don’t support the idea of a god due to the lack of scientific evidence of it and most of my life I love learning about science. I was taught not to believe without proof and good evidence to support the claims. Well a deity in this world clearly lacks these evidence. He can’t test or peer-review a deity, so we can not support the idea of a god.

 Also lets look at the philosophy ideals of it. The major thing that led my away from Christianity is the ideals of “suffering.” Why would a good and loving god let evil on this world? Why does god let one person live after a natural disaster while the rest of his or her village is gone? The only answer that apologists can tell me that “suffering” is the result of sin from Adam and Eve event in the Bible and we are unable to understand to know god’s reasons. Well if we are made in god’s image and made us smart. Why did god have to make us stupid to know god’s reasons. It does not make sense.

Lets go back to the article. Jim Spiegle uses baseless claims on most of his ideals in the paper. Atheists don’t care what the Bible tells. He had bad research or lied about Mortimer’s religious ideals. The ideal that atheists became who they are because they were fatherless is a fallacy due to the fact I meet and read about many theists who had bad or no relationships with their fathers and still Christians. Mr. Spiegel needs to stop writing or talking about who and what atheists are until he actually knows where we are coming from.


When they really don’t want a response.

A facebook user sent me this video. (WARNING: IT MAY LOWER YOUR INTELLIGENCE)

The user wanted a reply.  Here is my reply:

I’ve noticed that the uploader has disabled comments on the video. That is a sign that he or she does not want to debate this video.

1. “The same force that gives objects weight also keep us on the ground. The same force that makes apples fall also holds the stars together. Without gravity, we wouldn’t be able to study the universe or live in it. Gravity is obviously evidence that the universe has been designed by a god.”

Gravity is not evidence of a god. Gravity is evidence of physics. It’s the curvature of the time and space which holds the solar system together. Did you now that gravity is the weakest force in the universe and galaxies can be still be torn apart even with gravity trying to hold together. Cosmologist has come up with Dark Matter which makes up almost 1/3 of the stuff in the universe. It’s Dark Matter and it’s gravity that holds the universe. Also there could be a chance that there is another universe without gravity with the multiverse hypotheses.

2. A quote from Isaac Newton still does not prove that a god. Yes, Newton was a very religious guy, but also note. His original mathematics only explained how things moved and not why it works. The explanation why is solved by Albert Einstein with theory of relativity.

3. The rainbow idea is laughable. What we see is the light spectrum. It’s a wavelength with different areas of frequencies. There is more than seven colors. Our eyes can only see only 7. There is also Unsaturated colors which we can only see by mixing wavelengths.

4. The dimensions idea is still not a fact. We have no testable evidence of dimensions. The mathematics says it could happen, but these mathematics have yet to be proven.

5. Fossilization is extremely rare, but we have TONS of evidence of evolution. Lucy and Ardi are early hominid who are closely related to us.

6. Of course there are no fossils of chimps turning into humans because they are a cousin. We just share a common ancestor with them. We are related to them, but not a direct line.

7. Bible can not 100% accurate. Why? There are tons of mistakes like bats are considered birds. There is no evidence of a world-wide flood, but there are many local floods that happen over the billions of years. Bible claims that there are birds and insects that walk on four legs. The very absurd thing that the bible claims that the cure for leprosy involves incantations and the blood of a bird.

Did you know that there was a talking ass as well?

The Bible may have some events and locations that are true, but claiming the book is 100% accurate is false.

What else? There is no evidence of Jesus outside the Bible. Does that make the idea the Jesus is fiction true? No. Jesus could be a real man, but the ideas of miracles were created out of legend. Like the so-called miracle of Joseph Smith and even the Buddha.

Does my evidence disprove a god? No, but it lessens the evidence that a deity is needed to create the universe. If you want to show evidence, you better give me better evidence than that video showed me.

What is the response I get?

The evidence you are looking for is faith! That will come for you in time. There is plenty of evidence that the Bible is true. You have chosen to see only what you would like to be true! I love the story of the talking ass. GOD shows us He can use anything as He wishes and has total control!

How can you have a logical debate with someone who doesn’t really want a reply from you? I still wonder why I even try to debate to these type of people?


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If I had a personal soundtrack. This will be on my playlist.

Why should I believe that a deity has control in our lives that it must cause suffering?

If someone dies and believe that it was done by a reason of which we don’t know is a fallacy.  Death is a common on this planet and it part of nature. There is no plan set for our lives. Our lives are short. It’s better to do as much as you can before our lives end.

Why do people do bad things in the name of God?

One of the main reasons why I don’t like religion is due to all the suffering it caused. The many wars it supported, the genocide in the name of their gods, and to control people. The Pope uses his “granted” authority under their version of god to control the lives of billions of people who lead to war, genocide, and spread of HIV in Africa due to their ban of protection devices.  Usama Bin Laden believe he leading a war against the enemies of his god and terrorism is a necessary force to protect his version of god. Branch Davidians believed that David Koresh is the final prophet of god and they need to fight and die against anti-Christ US government.

Why do they do these things? It’s called faith. Faith is believing without evidence. Their faith is powerful that they will do anything to support their imaginary friend even if it causes suffering to many people and who maybe innocent as well. Because of this support of the ideals of faith. Millions of people have died fighting each over for who has the better imaginary friend.

What does this have to do with me?

Religion itself is one of the big reasons why I don’t believe in a god and religion in general. Religion is one of the most disruptive forces on the planet. I seen, hear, and watch people fight and die over who has the better god. It has brought genocide on this planet by condoning it their holy books.  A good example is the Jewish conquests of Judea. Their god commanded to kill all their enemies (including women and children) and livestock. Today, Jewish and Christian apologetic condone the mass genocide of people because in their holy book said that the enemies were wicked and the Jews needed the land and we can’t judge god because it’s not our duty to judge his morality. I can call bullshit on that and say we can just god’s morality in the bible. There is no excuse on this Earth to support genocide.

Religion can blind people from reason. There are millions of Americans who believe the Earth is only 6,000 years old and the end times is coming. They deny facts because those facts goes against what they believe. I can give my creationist friends TONS of evidence supporting my ideal, but chose to be blinded because of their faith. A 2,000 year old book says it’s true is not always true.

We live in a universe that is SO BIG that we are just a speck of a speck of a speck and so on. There is a possibly that there are BILLIONS of Earth like planets in this universe and some of them may contain intelligent life. Why would a god pick this one speck of a planet and one very very small speck of a tribe to be its chosen people where in that time there are hundreds of civilizations to choose. The chances are that tribe created their god to prove themselves that they are powerful than anyone else. Gotta love propaganda.

God is just damn to small compared what is in our universe.

Just like the artist in this video. I will spend my time slowing pounding the tree that is religion and hopefully those people who cling to it’s branches will fall to the ground that is reason.

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